Riley Tricar 6hp (1905-07)

Representative photo courtesy of Alan Teeder

The smaller Tricars launched in 1905 clearly showed their ancestry in the older Forecars. However, the larger engined models were very different, with new chassis frames supporting the V-Twin engines. The 6hp engine was, loosely, two of the 3hp cylinders mounted on a common crankcase in a V formation, however there was more development than that simple statement suggests. The loss of the old 'bicycle frame' chassis meant that a very different look could be produced, with a flat floor for the driver, rather than having to straddle the frame. The seat was mounted over the engine, which was fully enclosed on later models, and the whole machine was looking increasingly like a car. Perhpas this is no surprise, as the first real 4-wheeled Riley car was also launched in 1905.


V-Twin Cylinder
RAC Rating 6hp
Capacity 804cc
Bore80 Stroke 80
Carburation Longuemare or Zenith


3-speed Riley patent constant mesh with reverse gearbox.
1st Gear ratio 10.8:1
2nd G/r 5.4:1
3rd G/r 3.57:1
Reverse ?


Springs at front.


Front 8" Drums, Rear Handbrake.



Wheelbase 5'7" (aprx. 1700mm)
Front Track 4' (aprx.1220mm)
Wheels Dunlop tangentially spoked
Tyres 26x3
Fuel Tank 4 galls