Riley RM Specials (1945-55)

In the ten years that Riley constructed the RM series models, there were a large number of other models produced. Apart from the obvious RMC Roadster and RMD Drophead models on the 2˝ Litre Chassis, there were also some factory produced 1˝ Litre Dropheads, the first being built in 1946! Riley also provided some chassis to coachbuilders, which led to some interesting results.
During the war various prototypes were built, although none are known to survive. Then as early as 1946, a Shooting Brake appears to have been built, and several more are known to have been built over the years. There are also photos of a restyled 6-light Limosuine model, believed to have been built by Riley in 1946/7, and a stretched saloon although no more details are known of either at the moment.

The photos above show a special built in 1948/9 on an RMB chassis by Walter Kong. The coupe bodystyle is more modern looking than the standard Riley, but will not be to everyone's taste! The other photos show a more modern conversion, to produce a box van on an RM chassis.