Freddie Dixon's Riley Specials.

1930 Riley Brooklands

1933 Riley 6-cyl Specials

  • 1486cc 6-cylinder, with 57.5mm bore.
  • 2 triple-choke SU carbs were fitted, complete with dash-pots and float-chambers.
  • 33TT Six Chassis
  • Deep channel-section frame was underslung at the rear, beneath the live rear axle, which was supported on long semi-elliptic springs.
  • Tie bars fitted on the front springs to help reduce brake torque.
  • 15in Brake Drums, on 17in wheels.

Enlarged to:

  • 1633cc, with 60.3mm bore.

And then to:

  • 1808cc, with 63.5mm bore.

And finally to:

  • 2000cc, with a new crank.
  • This gave 170-175bhp.
  • 14.5:1 compression ratio.

Dixons adjustments to the brakes.

1934 Red Mongrel