Riley 12/6 TT Models. (1933-4)

The White Riley KV5929

There appear to have been 5 examples of this model produced, all based on the Brooklands Six model. Of the 5 three definitely still exist:

  • 4/101 KV5694 MPH 14/6 Prototype
  • 4/102 KV5695 Freddie Dixon Car
  • 4/103 KV5696 The White Riley
  • 4/104 KV6078 Freddie Dixon Car
  • 4/105 KV6079 MPH Prototype

  • 4/106 KV6077 The Grebe Prototype

    The Two Dixon cars and the White Riley are the known survivors, and it is believed that one of the MPH prototypes also survives. Whilst the Grebe prototype used the same chassis number system, it was not one of the original batch of cars built.


    6cyl Overhead Valves
    RAC Rating 12.01hp
    Bore 57 Stroke 95.2
    Capacity 1486 cc
    Compression Ratio 5.8:1


    4-speed gearbox.
    Top G/r 4.77:1
    3rd G/r 5.96:1
    2nd G/r 7.15:1
    1st G/r 11.78:1
    Reverse 18.51:1




    Riley Continuous Cable with Cam-Operated Shoes
    15" Drums


    Standing Quarter Mile 23secs
    Max speed 70mph


    Wheelbase 8'1½" (aprx 2460mm)
    Track 4' (aprx 1200mm)
    Wheels Six-Stud Wire Centre Lock 3.0x19
    (1934: 3.0x19)
    Tyres 5.00x19 (1934: 4.75x18)
    Fuel Tank 15 Gallons