Riley 2½ Kestcock. (1941)

1941 Riley 16/4 Kestcock Special

The Riley Kestcock Special is a relatively modern conversion from an accident damaged Kestrel Saloon. Using a shortened chassis, the tail of the body is similar in profile to that of the original saloon, but in place of the rear doors and 'sixth' light, there is a single rear side window over the rear wheel arch and therefore a shortened roof panel as well. In order to further emphasise the difference of this car, the wings both front and rear are more sporting in appearance, with no vertical panelling, even on the swept front wings, which are also cut higher at the front. Along with the absence of the front bumpers and an earlier style radiator, this gives the car a unique appearance. Whilst this car is technically a Nnuffield Kestrel, it is more in the spirit of the earlier models, so included here.

Chassis Types 49K


4cyl ohv
RAC rating 16.07hp
Bore 80.5 Stroke 120
Compression Ratio 6.1:1
Capacity 2443 cc
82bhp at 4300rpm
Carburation SU / Zenith


3-speed dual overdrive gearbox.
3rd o/d Gear ratio 3.97:1
3rd g/r 5.5:1
2nd o/d g/r 6.15:1
2nd g/r 8.25:1
1st g/r 14.3:1
Reverse 17.87:1




Girling mechanical rod with wedge operated shoes
16" Drums.


0-50mph 14.9secs
Max speed 87mph
Fuel Consumption 25/34mpg


Wheelbase 9'8.5" (aprx 2930mm)
Track 4'3" (aprx 1290mm)
Length 14'11" (aprx 4510mm)
Width 5'3" (aprx 1580mm)
Fuel Tank 11½ galls
Wheels Magna wire 3.25x18"
Tyres 5.25x18
Weight 29cwt