Riley 16hp Saloon. (1939-40)

Riley 16 Saloon

There were initially only 2 body styles avaialble on each chassis - a 6-light 4-door saloon with swept tail, or 2-door drophead coupe. The Saloon at least had started development before Nuffield took over, and was a clear development of the Adelphi body style.
Originally destined to be the flagship saloon in the 'new' Riley range, the 16hp Saloon, like the 12hp was essentially a refreshed Adelphi body fitted to the Nuffield-ised chassis. It was the best seller of the 16hp models, but in peoples hearts it was eclipsed by the re-introduced 16hp Kestrel. It is thought that only around 75-80 16hp Saloons were built.
The wings were the newly fashionable helmet style, rather than traditional Riley flowing designs, and the rear doors were rear hinged in place of the Adelphis centrally hinged doors, The rear of the car was also squarer, with a larger rear quarter light and larger trunk.

Chassis Type: 49S


4cyl ohv
RAC Rating 16.07hp
Bore 80.5 Stroke 120
Compression Ratio 6.1:1
Capacity 2443 cc
82bhp at 4300rpm
Carburation SU / Zenith


4-speed synchromesh gearbox.
Overall Gear Ratios:
1st Gear
2nd Gear 8.6:1
3rd Gear 5.67:1
Top gear 4:1
Reverse 14.6:1




Girling Brakes with 14" diameter drums.


0-50mph 14.9secs
Max speed 81mph
Fuel Consumption 25/34mpg


Wheelbase 9'8" (aprx 2930mm)
Track 4'3" (aprx 1280mm)
Length 14'11" (aprx 4510mm)
Width 5'3" (aprx 1580mm)
Wheels Dunlop Pressed Steel bolt-on 4.5x16
Tyres 6.25x16
Weight 29cwt
Fuel Tank 10galls.


1939 £385
1940 £423 10s