Riley Tricar 4hp (Aircooled) (1905-07)

Representative photo courtesy of Alan Teeder

The 4hp engine was a development of the smaller 3½hp Air-cooled unit previously available in the Forecar. It remained on sale as the 'bargain basement' or entry level tricar, and as such saw very little development during the 2 years of production, despite the larger engined models being steadily improved. The frame was the same updated version as used on the 4½ hp model, so the pedals were gone, and the seating was more comfortable, but it wasn't as car like as the larger Tricars.


Single Cylinder
RAC Rating 4hp
Capacity 517cc
Bore86 Stroke 89
Carburation Longuemare Updraught


2speed Riley gearbox.
1st g/r 5.4:1 2nd g/r 3.57:1
Optional 3-spd:
2nd g/r 3.86:1 3rd g/r 3.33:1


Springs at front.


Front Band Brakes, Rear Block Brake.




Frame Size 23" (aprx. 580mm)
Wheelbase 4'5" (aprx. 1350mm)
Front Track 3'3" (aprx.980mm)
Wheels Dunlop tangentially spoked
Tyres 26x2 front / 26x3 rear.
Fuel Tank 2 galls


£89 5s