Riley Tricar 9hp (1905-07)

Representative photo courtesy of Alan Teeder

The 9hp Tricar was a real milestone for Riley in several ways. Firstly, it used the largest Riley engine yet, which was two 4½hp cylinder blocks mounted on a 6hp 'V' crankcase. Secondly, it was the Riley which truly launched their motorsport endeavours, winning many hillclimbs and other sporting events, even on occasion beating conventional 4-wheeled machines.
Along with the smaller engined 6hp model it was also the first Riley vehicle not based around a 'bicycle frame', instead using a chassis frame which allowed a flat floor for the driver, and the seat sat above the engine, with bodywork enclosing it.


V-Twin Cylinder
RAC Rating 9hp
Capacity 1034cc
Bore86 Stroke 89
Carburation Longuemare or Zenith


3-speed Riley patent constant mesh with reverse gearbox.
1st Gear ratio 10.8:1
2nd G/r 5.4:1
3rd G/r 3.57:1
Reverse ?


Springs at front.


Front 8" Drums, Rear Handbrake.



Wheelbase 5'7" (aprx. 1700mm)
Front Track 4' (aprx.1220mm)
Wheels Dunlop tangentially spoked
Tyres 26x3
Fuel Tank 4 galls


£136 10s