Riley Tricar 5hp (1907)

LB4612 as exhibited at British Motor Industry Heritage Trust
The 5hp Tricar was a bit of a hybrid, using the largely unchanged 4½ hp engine from the 4½ hp Tricar in the chassis of the larger 6 and 9 hp Models. Only available for one year, it is unclear whether it replaced the old 4½ hp model, or sold alongside it. It was, however, the last 3 wheeled Riley to be launched, as the 4 wheeled models took over completely in 1908.


Single Cylinder
RAC Rating 4.5hp
Capacity 517cc
Bore86 Stroke 89
Carburation Longuemare or Zenith


2-speed Riley patent constant mesh gearbox.
1st Gear ratio 10.8:1
2nd G/r 5.4:1


Springs at front.


Front 8" Drums, Rear Handbrake.



Wheelbase 5'7" (aprx. 1700mm)
Front Track 3'3" (aprx. 980mm)
Wheels Dunlop tangentially spoked
Tyres 26x3
Fuel Tank 3 galls