Riley RMA. (1945-52)

Launched directly after the War finished, this was the car that was due to be launched by Nuffield in the early 40's, but had been postponed, and honed to perfection during the war. The RMA used the excellent Riley 12/4 engine of 1934, mounted on a development of the pre-war 16/4 chassis and with a body derived from the pre-war Continental model. However, despite all of these old and borrowed components, the model was a sensation on launch and can truly to be said the first all new car to be launched in the 1940s, with so many of those available from competitiors being re-hashed versions of the 1939 range.
When Launched, therefore, it was an instant success with Riley Fans, continuing many of the traditional Riley Features that had brought them such a loyal following.

The car was a full 5 seater, 4 door saloon with a graceful, sweeping body design over the tried and tested mechanics. True, there were a number of Morris / Nuffield components creeping in, but the RM series managed to remain different enough. An old Riley feature of fabric bodies made a come back, with the fabric roof covering, predating the Vinyl that was so popular in the 1970s. At the rear was a capacious (for the time) luggage boot, also housing the spare wheel. Twin fillers for the fuel tanks were a clever idea to allow easier fills - how many people wish for this today?!
The RMA was replaced in 1951 by the marginally facelifted RME, after 10,504 examples had been sold, making it the best selling of all of the RM series cars, accounting for nearly half the total.


  • Darren Stone's 1948 RMA


    High camshafts and push-rod 90-deg ohv engine
    1496cc 4cyl
    Bore 69mm Stroke 100mm
    54bhp at 4,500rpm
    Compression ratio 6.8:1
    Carburation H2 SU


    Four-speed gearbox, Synchro on 2nd,3rd,4th.
    Overall gear ratios:
    19.4:1 2nd 11.2:1
    3rd 7.22:1 4th 4.88:1
    Reverse 19.4:1.


    Independent front suspension with twin wishbones, torsion bars and hydraulic telescopic dampers.
    Semi Elliptic at rear


    Girling Hydro-mechanical.
    10inch dia drums.


    0-50mph 20.5sec
    Standing ¼mile 23secs
    Max Speed 81mph
    Fuel Consumption 26mpg


    Wheelbase 9'4.5" (aprx 3850mm)
    Track 4'4.5" (aprx 1320mm)
    Length 14'10" (aprx 4510mm)
    Width 5'2.5" (aprx 1560mm)
    Height 4'9" (aprx 1420mm)
    Turning Circle 30'
    Weight 24.5cwt
    Fuel Tank galls


    £709 18s 4d.