Riley RME. (1951-53)

In 1951, the RMA was replaced by the RME. It was essentially the same car, but with open prop shaft, hypoid axle, hydraulic brakes and a larger rear window. The 2Ż Litre model was similarly upgraded as the RMF the following year. Sales did not pick up, however, with the competition all having newer, more stylish saloons coming onto the market, which made the Riley RMs look old fashioned in comparison.

In 1953, the RME was due to be replaced by the MG Z series Magnette based RMG model as part of Nuffields rationalisation. By then, the RM series cars had no parts commonality with any other models, making them expensive to produce. However, whilst the RMF was replaced by the Pathfinder, for some reason the RME was given a facelift and left to soldier on for another 2 years.


High camshafts and push-rod 90-deg ohv
1496cc 4cyl ohv
Compression ratio 6.8:1
Bore 69mm Stroke 100mm
54bhp at 4,500rpm
Carburration H2 SU


Four-speed gearbox, Synchro on 2nd,3rd,4th.
Overall gear ratios:
20.37:1 2nd 11.73:1
3rd 7.58:1 4th 5.12:1
Reverse 20.37:1.


Independent front suspension with twin wishbones, torsion bars and hydraulic telescopic dampers.
Semi Elliptic at rear


Girling Hydro-mechanical.
10inch dia drums.


0-50mph 18.6sec
Standing ╝mile 24.3secs
Max Speed 74.7mph
Fuel Consumption 26mpg


Wheelbase 9'4.5" (aprx 3850mm)
Track 4'4.5" (aprx 1320mm)
Length 14'10" (aprx 4510mm)
Width 5'2.5" (aprx 1560mm)
Height 4'9" (aprx 1420mm)
Turning Circle 30'
Weight 24.5cwt
Fuel Tank