Riley RM Roadster (RMC). (1948-51)

2/3-seater 2Ż Litre Roadster

The RMC was launched in 1948 as one of two new versions of the RMB saloon. It was designed specifically for the US market, with cutaway doors, 3-abreast bench seating and foldaway hood. It also featured a lower bonnet line, with fold flat windscreen, and a column gearshift, but the result was a car that looked somewhat awkward on the extremely long chassis. One benefit of this length was the huge luggage boot, suitable for grand toruing, but even so, the car failed to sell as well as hoped.
In an attempt to boost sales, the car was also made available on the British market, with a 2 seater option. Gone was the wide bench seat, and in place the more familiar bucket seats from the saloon were installed, with the gear stick and handbrake back in the normal saloon positions.

Whilst it sold marginally better than the more traditionally styled RMD Drophead, the RMC wasn't the success that Nuffield had hoped for, selling only 507 in 3 years. It was dropped in 1951, before the RMB was facelifted to the RMF.


High camshafts and push-rod 90-deg ohv
2443cc 16hp 4cyl
Bore 80.5mm Stroke 120mm
90bhp at 4,300rpm
(100bhp at 4,500rpm from Oct. 1948 onward)
Compression ratio 6.8:1
Carburation 2 H4 SU


Four-speed gearbox, Synchro on 2nd,3rd,4th.
Overall gear ratios:
15.0, 2nd 8.86,
3rd 5.83, 4th 4.11
Reverse 15.0


Independent front suspension with twin wishbones, torsion bars and hydraulic telescopic dampers.


Girling Hydro-mechanical.
12inch dia drums.



Wheelbase 9'11" (aprx 4010mm)
Track 4'4.5" (aprx 1320mm)
Length 15'6" (aprx 4710mm)
Width 5'6" (aprx 1640mm)
Height 4'11.5" (aprx 1480mm)
Turning Circle 36'
Weight 26.5cwt
Fuel Tank