Riley RMB. (1946-52)

The RMB was launched several months after the RMA, in early 1946, although sales were slow to get started, with materials still in scarce supply. Identified from the RMA by the longer bonnet, and pale blue Riley Badge, the RMB was the RMA with Riley's excellent pre-war Big Four engine inserted under the bonnet. In 1948, the power was increased from 90 to 100bhp, which gave performance close to 100mph, in a car that was fast luxurious, and thanks to Nuffields ownership, cheaper than many competitors. Even so, Riley only found homes for 6,900 in 6 years.

The RMB was joined in 1948 by a Drophead Coupe (RMD), and Roadster (RMC) versions. The latter was designed for the American market, and available either with a 3-seater bench seat, or two individual bucket seats, whilst the drophead was a full 5 seater designed with the British market more in mind.
After about 6 years in production, the RMB was replaced in 1951/2 by the RMF, with many detail improvements.

  • Tim & Nicky Hunter's 1948 RMB (JYV809) 'Bessie'
  • A rather unusual RMB (EVN808)


    High camshafts and push-rod 90-deg ohv
    2443cc 16hp 4cyl
    Compression ratio 6.8:1
    Bore 80.5mm Stroke 120mm
    90bhp at 4,300rpm
    (100bhp at 4,500rpm from Oct. 1948 onward)
    Carburation 2 H4 SU


    Four-speed gearbox, Synchro on 2nd,3rd,4th.
    Overall gear ratios:
    15.0, 2nd 8.86,
    3rd 5.83, 4th 4.11
    Reverse 15.0


    Independent front suspension with twin wishbones, torsion bars and hydraulic telescopic dampers. Semi Elliptic at rear


    Girling Hydro-mechanical.
    12inch dia drums.


    0-50mph 11.9sec
    Standing ¼mile 21.1secs
    Max Speed 91mph
    Fuel Consumption 19.6mpg


    Wheelbase 9'11" (aprx 3010mm)
    Track 4'4.5" (aprx 1320mm)
    Length 15'6" (aprx 4710mm)
    Width 5'2.5" (aprx 1560mm)
    Height 4'11.5" (aprx 1480mm)
    Turning Circle 36'
    Weight 28cwt
    Fuel Tank


    £1,125 3s 10d.