Riley 14/6 Ascot. (1933-34)

The Ascot was one of the many bodies available on the 14/6 chassis, where evidence for the model actually being built is at best negligible. The body, shared with the 12/6 model, was essentially a scaled up version of the nine Ascot, a model which sold relatively well. However, when it was added to the six-cylinder line up a year later, it was becoming old-fashioned, with the Dickey Seat now unpopular, especially on larger, more upmarket, cars. This would help to explain the lack of sales.
An avdert from around this time depicts an 'Alpine Coupe', which bears a very close resemblance to the Ascot body, but is clearly on the larger six cylinder chassis. It seems likely that this is a different name for the same model - perhaps an attempt to attract some sales. However, there are no records of either model having ever been built, save perhaps a single example for the motor show.

Chassis Types: 44T


6cyl ohv
RAC Rating 13.5hp
Bore 60.3 Stroke 95.2
Firing Order 1, 5, 3, 6, 2, 4
Capacity 1633 cc
Carburation 3SU


All Helical 4-speed gearbox.
Overall Gear Ratios:
2nd 12.88:1
3rd 7.69:1
Top gear 5.25:1
Reverse 18.48:1




Riley continuous cable with Cam operated shoes
13" Drums.


Max speed 68 / 70mph


Wheelbase 9'6" (aprx 2880mm)
Track 4' (aprx 1200mm)
Length 13'5" (aprx 4130mm)
Width 4'9" (aprx 1430mm)
Wheels Six Stud Mounting Wire 3.0x19 ('33), 3.0x18 ('34)
Tyres 4.75x19 (x18 for 1934)
Weight 16cwt (chassis only)
Fuel Tank 11galls


1933: £365
1934: £375